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"[it] succeeds in being inspirational and thought provoking – two characteristics that make a story, be it novel, film, or game, all the more worthwhile." - J-ga.me/s

"It highlights, reinforces and explains a number of the genre’s appeal elements through practical examples that really drive home the distinction between fantasy and reality that good erotic thrillers have always played with." - Moe Gamer

"This indie VN is up there with the best." - Get A Life Podcast

The Game

Danica Dee - Dee Dee to her friends - is a model, a ballet dancer, and a big fan of movies. She especially loves the erotic thriller genre - a now fading film genre that was huge back in the 80's and 90's. Remember Basic Instinct, or Stanley Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut? Those are the kinds of movies Dee Dee loves.

The question is: is she about to get trapped in her very own erotic thriller? Will life imitate art? Strange things are afoot... or are they? And what's your role in all this? These are all questions that you're going to need to answer. 

My Time With Dee Dee, Volume 1 - The Erotic Thriller is the first full title in what will be a series of games featuring the gorgeous DigitallyDownloaded.net mascot. It's a visual novel, and features:

  • Four complete and distinct narrative arcs, each with a very different ending: how you see Dee Dee, and how you interact with her, will change the outcomes for both you and her completely
  • Ten different environments
  • Six pieces of key art
  • Dee Dee is voiced, with close to 1,000 words of spoken dialogue
  • A nine-track soundtrack
  • A bonus "lecture" on the erotic thriller genre, which is the basis of this visual novel's narrative
  • 2-3 hours runtime in total

Disclaimer + Content Warning

As Volume 1 explores the erotic thriller, there is some sexual material in this visual novel which might make players uncomfortable. We promise that not every My Time With Dee Dee visual novel will be adult in tone and content, but we also don't want players going into this without fair warning. 

Don't worry, it's not as messed up as Saya no Uta, though ;-).

How To Play

Once you've downloaded the Windows game files (you don't need to download the Mac stuff), simply unzip them, and then drop into the unzipped folder. Double click on the icon that says "Game", and you're away!

Play utilises a combination of mouse and keyboard. Use the mouse to make selections, and press the "Enter" key to progress the conversation. Pressing the "Space Bar" will make the text disappear, allowing you to enjoy the art without any distracting interface. 

For Mac Users

You're able to play too! Simply download the set of Mac files instead of the Windows files. Once downloaded, though, playing's a little bit more of a process. Please follow the following list of commands:

Right click "show package contents" > Double click "MacOS" > Double click "NWJS"

Thank you for playing! 

We hope you enjoy this, and thank you for your support. These games are part of the broader work that DigitallyDownloaded.net does, and by supporting these games, you support all of our reviews, videos, podcasts, and more! Your support does mean the world to us!

Also be sure to let us know what route you took through the narrative first! It's always interesting to know which way people go :-)


Buy Now$7.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $7.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

MyTimeWithDeeDeeVol1_V1.1.zip 227 MB
MyTimeWithDeeDeeVol1_Mac.zip 244 MB


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A love letter to cinema and obviously thrillers . I reallly had a good time with the novel. Without going into spoilers but uses some of the characteristics of the thriller genre and the VN medium to its advantage when messing with you. Thrillers and Vns really work well together

Also I loved the sense of humor it distills(Troll ending mademe chuckle) and how it plays with expectations. is great too

Finally, is impresive how flexible the medium can be. The addition of the Professor section allows the player to learn about the topic without disrupting the narrative.

Hope to read part 2 soon and read future Dee dee´s iterations

Thank you very much! I’m really glad you enjoyed this and look forward to having you play some more of them into the future :-)

So I just finished playing “My Time With Dee Dee” from @DigitallyDownld , I must say it’s a well written game. Never have I played an Eroge that is this complex and meaningful. The story feels real, and it focuses on some hard hitting issues that many games of this genre wouldn’t do or do as well as this game does.

I’ve played a lot of Visual Novels in my time and honestly this might just be my favourite!

Looking forward to playing future volumes , getting to know more about Dee Dee.

If you are having doubts about the game buy it and see for yourself... you won’t be disappointed 

Wow, those are high words of praise indeed. I'm humbled, and thank you! <3

We have so much more planned for Dee Dee (and her friends... STAY TUNED!). It's going to be great, so glad you got in from the start :-

I have played this visual novel and I'm still chuckling when I think about it. It really is very funny! A lot of visual novels strain for humour, but the author of MTwDD v1 has a natural, easy-going humour that is crucial not only for keeping you invested in the characters but also as an important "brake" for the more contentious, explicit scenes. I obviously can't say much here - because: spoilers - but there is one "shocking" scene which truly turns everything around. 

I also liked that in the process of watching I actually learned quite a bit about film as a medium and film history. There is a Professor Talks extra section that is a bit of an eye opener - a good read if you're into movies.

The description provided is very accurate - this is exactly what you're getting. Dee Dee is voiced very nicely. Unlike many visual novels, where lots of endings are just meh or variations of each other, here the endings are really distinct and totally different. Also: there are no gaping plot holes here; it's solidly constructed.

I knew very little about erotic thrillers going into this VN - but to my surprise I now feel rather like an expert on the topic! :-)

Thank you very much! I'm glad that you enjoyed it (and I'm really glad the humour came across, because given the material, it was both really important... and really difficult to do). 

Also I'm glad the Professor Talks bit was interesting! I'll do my best to keep picking interesting topics to cover with these things! 

Thank you very much for playing! ^_^