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The game

Danica Dee - Dee Dee - has got it all - she's gorgeous, smart, and makes a fortune from her dancing. What you didn't know about Dee Dee is that she has the wildest bunch of friends you could imagine. 

The second full volume of the My Time With Dee Dee series of visual novels introduces two of Dee Dee's closest - her sister, Nettie, and her best friend Loren. What starts as a night of pen-and-paper fun kicks off one very silly weekend of fan service, humour, and even a bit of learning stuff. 

Modeled after the slice of life genre, Volume 2 of this series of visual novels really represents a weekend of every day choices and activities... or it would, if this bunch of girls didn't have a habit of turning everything up to 11 and beyond. 

The features

Features of My Time With Dee Dee, Volume 2 include:

  • 21 different possible narrative paths, and six different endings. You'll have plenty of decisions to make, and every decision will cause the story to head off in a different direction. 
  • A map! For the first time with My Time With Dee Dee you'll be able to select parts of the town to visit at various points in time. 
  • Plenty of gorgeous art - fully detailed sprites for both new characters to join the My Time With Dee Dee crew, and six pieces of key art to find and experience along the way. 
  • Learn a bit more! "Teach me, professor" has some additional insights and information for people that find the VN's themes interesting. 
  • Plenty to experience - It'll take you 4-5 hours to run through all the various plot lines and experience all the endings. 

Dee Dee is the mascot of games website, DigitallyDownloaded.net. All My Time With Dee Dee visual novels are provided as a benefit to backing DDNet on Patreon, or can be bought outright from itch.io. You can also grab other episodes of the VN series here.

How To Play

Once you've downloaded the Windows game files (you don't need to download the Mac stuff), simply unzip them, and then drop into the unzipped folder. Double click on the icon that says "Game", and you're away!

Play utilises a combination of mouse and keyboard. Use the mouse to make selections and navigate the map when it pops up, and press the "Enter" key to progress the conversation, or click the mouse to make selections. Pressing the "Space Bar" will make the text disappear, allowing you to enjoy the art without any distracting interface. 

For Mac Users

You're able to play too! Simply download the set of Mac files instead of the Windows files. Once downloaded, though, playing's a little bit more of a process. Please follow the following list of commands:

Right click "show package contents" > Double click "MacOS" > Double click "NWJS"

Thank you for playing! 

We hope you enjoy this, and thank you for your support. These games are part of the broader work that DigitallyDownloaded.net does, and by supporting these games, you support all of our reviews, videos, podcasts, and more! Your support does mean the world to us!

Also be sure to let us know what route you took through the narrative first! It's always interesting to know which way people go :-)


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Both volumes in this series have been great so far! Funny, intelligent and sexy all rolled into one. Dee Dee is well worth your time. ;)

I'm so glad you've been enjoying them. Stay tuned for news on what will be in the next one soon :-

So many story arcs! I'm not even halfway through them all .. 

The map is simply great.

Matt has taken another interesting topic and presented it in an accessible (but not dumbed down) way. You'll be looking at a range of art forms and the girls really do dial things up! The tone stays light-hearted even if the topic sometimes becomes quite serious.

Thank you very much for the kind words! This was a very different project so I really wasn't sure how it would go down. Gotta pull yourself out of your comfort zone sometimes though :-D